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Vintage China Terms of Hire

Please read this information carefully as you will need to confirm that you have read and agree to the terms, prior to submitting a booking. If you have any questions about the terms of hire please email or call the Jolly Duck hotline on 07789995607 to discuss.

Please note – Vintage China Collection (VCC) refers to all items including china, glass, linen and cutlery.

1. Hire Duration

A standard hire term is 4 days, including the day of delivery and the day of return i.e. you receive (or collect) your order on Friday (Day 1) – it needs to be returned to Jolly Duck HQ on Monday (Day 4). Longer hire periods are possible for an extra fee. Non-standard hire periods must be authorised (via email) by us prior to the event to ensure that items from the Vintage China Collection are not booked by another client and to avoid incurring a late return fee.

2. Collection or Delivery (Nationwide)

There are three options:

  1. You (or a kind friend) collects and returns your order from Jolly Duck HQ in the Yorkshire Dales.
  2. We will arrange to deliver and collect your order*, within a 50 mile radius of Jolly Duck HQ. There is a standard £15 delivery charge and £15 collection charge up to 25 mile radius or £25 delivery and £25 collection up to 50 mile radius.
  3. We send your order via Courier to arrive by 12 noon (please note a signature will be required) on Day 1 of the hire term – and arrange for collection on the morning of Day 4 of the hire term. Once we have established your order requirement & parcel weight, we will provide a delivery quote and arrange the Courier. We are happy to arrange delivery to anywhere on mainland UK.

* Please discuss at the time of booking to ensure we are able to offer this service on the date you require.

3. Collection and Packaging Costs

A packaging fee of £2.50 (per box of items) will be added to the hire cost. This includes a strong cardboard box and the bubble wrap required for your order. Please ensure the box & bubble wrap is retained by you as it is designed to be used when returning your order to Jolly Duck HQ – whether by courier, us or in person.

4. Good News – No washing up!

Please do not put any item from the VCC into a dishwasher or clean using cleaning products. We simply ask that when packing the items after use, crumbs, sugar and what not are gently removed with a clean, damp cloth and that tea cups, milk jugs, tea & coffee pots have excess liquid poured away and are wiped out with a clean, damp cloth. Back at Jolly Duck HQ our keen team of ‘washer-up-ers’ are ready to get to work to make all items sparkly & clean, ready for their next outing. Standard cleaning costs are included in the VCC hire price.

5. Late Returns

Late returns could affect other people’s booking, therefore failure to return items from the VCC to Jolly Duck HQ on the agreed date will result in a late return fee being deducted from your deposit*, even if the items are returned at a later date. One day late incurs a 50% late return fee, Two days late incurs a 100% late return fee. It is our policy to provide the contact details of any client who has not returned goods belonging to Jolly Duck Bunting Co. by day three to the Police (unless previously agreed by us via email).

* See Section 9 for information on your standard deposit

6. Payment

We ask that you secure your booking with a 50% payment of the total value of your order, at the time of booking. The balance will be payable no later than 28 days prior to Day 1 of your booking. In addition, a standard £100 deposit will be required to cover damage to or loss of items from the Vintage China Collection that you have hired*, along with any late return fees. *Please note – in the event of damage to or loss of items from the Vintage China Collection, the cost of replacement may be significantly higher than £100. Therefore, in the unlikely event that this situation occurs, you will be liable for the full cost of replacement. See Section 7 Damage & Loss Costs for full details.

7. Damage & Loss Costs

As you will appreciate damaged or lost items have to be quickly replaced. Linen with stains that cannot be removed are considered damaged beyond repair and will incur replacement costs.

Below are details of our damage and loss costs for each item in the Vintage China Collection. If damage or loss occurs to VCC items, we have to deduct these costs from your £100 standard deposit. If the cost exceeds £100 deposit – we will invoice you for the total amount, based upon the following information & request payment within 7 days of the end of your hire term.

Damage = All chips, cracks & breakages

Staining = Stains, marks or burns which do not respond to general laundering.

Replacement Costs (per item)

Milk/Cream Jug £5
Tea Pot £20.00
Coffee Pot £20.00
Tea Spoon £1.00
Sugar Tong £5.00
Glass Cake Stand (small single layer) £20.00
Glass Cake Stand (medium single layer) £25.00
Glass cake stand (large single layer) £30.00
Cake Stand 2 Tier £20.00
Cake Stand 3 Tier £25.00
Cake or Sandwich plate (large) £5.00
Glass Vase (small) £10.00
Glass Vase (medium) £15.00
Glass Vase (large) £20.00
Linen Table Cloth (various sizes) £15.00
Embroidered Table Cloths (various sizes) £15.00
Crochet Doilies (various sizes) £1.00

These costs reflect actual replacement costs – they do not include the time taken to source the items or other expenses incurred such as travel or postage.

5 – Vintage China Collection

Each VCC item that leaves Jolly Duck HQ is clean, has been closely inspected & carefully packed - to ensure our clients are happy when you receive the Jolly Duck parcel/s.

We advise that;

  1. Upon delivery of the VCC parcel (Courier option) you check all items for damage & to ensure the order is complete – signing the accompanying delivery note accordingly.
  2. If you/your friend collect the items from Jolly Duck HQ – you will be asked to inspect all items and sign the delivery note before you take the parcel.
  3. If you book the Jolly Duck delivery service- we will ask that you check all items and complete the delivery note. If we are also collecting VCC items – we will need to check for damage or loss prior to taking the items - leaving you with a signed receipt.

In the unlikely event that you find a problem please advise Jolly Duck immediately. Jolly Duck accepts no responsibility or liability for damage to or loss of VCC items once they have left Jolly Duck HQ (unless negligence on behalf of Jolly Duck can be shown) as all items are thereafter the responsibility of the hirer (you) until returned or collected, including items left at other premises.

6 - Use

Vintage China Collection orders are for sole use and responsibility of the person making the booking (who must be 18 years of age or over).

VCC items must not be sublet or leant to others during or following the agreed hire term.

7 - Indemnity

You shall be responsible for and indemnify us against all loss or damage caused to or by items from the Vintage China Collection from whatever cause arising.

8 - Repairs

We ask that you do not attempt to repair any damage that has occurred during your hire term – instead please notify Jolly Duck HQ as soon as possible. All replacements required, due damage which occurred during your hire term will be at your expense and will be deducted from the £100 deposit. If the damage costs exceed the deposit amount – we will invoice you for full costs – see Section 7.

9 - Deposits

A standard £100 deposit will be required at the same time as the final payment. When the VCC items arrive back at Jolly Duck HQ we check each item and if no damage or loss has occurred we will quickly return your deposit. However the cost to replace damaged items will be deducted from your deposit. Late return fees will also be deducted from this deposit.

10 – Cancellations

Special events are often booked many months ahead therefore short notice cancellations result in lost business for us and other clients being disappointed.

Therefore it is our policy that cancellations (including special offers) made after booking confirmation (50% payment received) at any time prior to 28 days before the agreed delivery date, will result in the loss of your 50 % payment.

Cancellations made less than 28 days before the agreed delivery date will result in the loss of 50% payment and £100 deposit. The remaining 50% payment and any p&p payments (only if we have not incurred costs for booking a Courier) will be quickly refunded to you.

11 - Privacy Policy

Jolly Duck do not disclose buyers' information to third parties other than when;

  • The disclosure of name and address is required for delivery from a third party (courier or postal service)
  • The client requests that we contact a third party on their behalf i.e. venue provider to establish dimensions or information relating to the venue
  • The disclosure of name and address to the Police if we suspect a crime has/is being committed

12. Special Offers (please refer to terms & conditions with offer)

Special offers only apply for the exact dates specified, and for the exact offer as stipulated. See section 10 for cancellation policy.

13. Consumer Credit Act 1974

It is agreed and declared that this agreement falls outside the Consumer Credit Act 1974.


Quotes expire 30 days from the date created.

15. Alternative Vintage china collection items (due to late returns/damage on hiring etc)

As you can see from our T & Cs, we try hard to avoid late returns, VCC items being returned damaged or not at all. However – on the rare occasions this may occur, this could affect the subsequent booking. Therefore, if there is a problem we will inform you of this as soon as possible with details of any alternative VCC items or you will have the option to cancel your booking with a full refund.

Jolly Duck Bunting Co. wants to avoid circumstances which result in deductions being made from your deposits or payment fees by having clear ‘Terms of Hire’. Please treat items from the VCC with care, when unpacking, using and re packing the items and ensure that you are available to check parcels upon delivery and that they are posted back to Jolly Duck HQ, on time.


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