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Bunting Frequently Asked Questions

How much bunting will I need?

This depends on your venue size and how you would like the bunting to look. Visit the Jolly Duck Bunting calculator where you can enter your venue dimensions and choose how you would like the bunting to hang. Press the Calculate button and as if by magic - your bunting requirements will appear.

Is the bunting suitable for outdoor use?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends entirely on the English weather! Jolly Duck bunting is hand made using mainly cotton fabrics and is not intended to get wet. Rain could quickly ruin the flags and the extra weight would put pressure of the attachment sites and connections, not to mention the yucky things that grow on wet fabrics. Therefore we ask that bunting be used indoors only - unless the weather forecast is 100% no rain and it is clearly a fine day. If you take the chance of using bunting outdoors and it rains you will be liable for deductions from your deposit (for special laundering) and bunting strings or flags that require repair (or full replacement) will incur charges to cover the make good costs for labour and materials. Please note: the cost to repair or replace bunting could exceed £100. In this situation you will be liable for the full costs. Please visit Terms of Hire for full details of the bunting hire terms.

Can I purchase Jolly Duck Bunting?

Jolly Duck has a collection of different bunting for hire (see bunting gallery) however for folk who have specific requirements in terms of fabrics, design and amount & are looking for a keep-sake which will adorn future soirées – Jolly Duck offers a bespoke design and production service. The cost for this service depends on fabrics used & amount required therefore if you would like to chat to us about your ideas & get a quote - get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

Contact Jolly Duck to discuss any further questions you may have.


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