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About Jolly Duck Bunting

Jolly Duck Bunting is handmade at Jolly Duck HQ (tucked away in a tiny village in the spectacular Yorkshire Dales), using an authentic 1950s Singer sewing machine.

Bunting flags are mostly made from Cotton fabrics and have been specifically designed to be suitable for use in both large and smaller spaces.

* Some Collections contain other fabrics

Flag Size

Individual flags measure 10 inches wide and are 12 inches long (25cm x 30cm)**

Each bunting string measure approx. 12 metres

** Pattern size – actual size may vary slightly

How Flags are Sewn

Jolly Duck Bunting is double sided and designed to look fabulous from every angle. Jolly Duck has an eye for detail, which is why you won't find unsightly over locked edges or visible seams in any Jolly Duck Bunting collections. Each flag is hand sewn (photos in the Jolly Duck Bunting Gallery) and carefully hand pressed. We ensure that only laundered, neat and perfectly pressed bunting leaves Jolly Duck HQ.

How to Attach and Connect Bunting Strings

Each bunting string has a strong loop sewn at each end, providing an attachment site for venue poles/supports and enabling bunting strings to be connected together. Jolly Duck bunting comes complete with strong cotton tape to use for attaching bunting to venue supports/poles and for connecting strings together.

Jolly Duck politely requests that you carefully read Bunting Hire Terms - as you will need to ‘click’ to agree to the terms of hire before you can make a booking.


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Mooeautiful bunting handmade in the Yorkshire